Senior VFX Artist

CG Designer

Tracking, Rotoscoping, Modelling, Keying, Compositing, Grading and much more.


Hello, I'm Andrea Scala🙂

I'm a Senior VFX Artist with a passion for storytelling.

Beyond my core VFX skills, I possess a versatility that allows me to seamlessly navigate other creative domains.

My adaptability and willingness to expand my skillset have led to opportunities to collaborate in various areas of production, including photography and direction.

This multifaceted approach empowers me to contribute more holistically to the filmmaking process, fostering a deeper understanding of the overall vision and ensuring that my VFX seamlessly merges with the narrative and overall artistic vision.

I am committed to pushing the boundaries of VFX, exploring new techniques, and collaborating with productions and talented individuals to create captivating visual experiences.


The Maension - Say It (Videoclip - 2018 - Italy)

The Maension - Say It
Videoclip - USA/Italy

Director of Photography / VFX

Alfie Boe's - Serenata (Commercial - 2014 - United Kingdom) STEAM Motion and Sound

Alfie Boe's - Serenata
Commercial - United Kingdom
STEAM Motion and Sound

First Assistant Camera


Tell me about your projects or just say hi :)

mobile: +39 335.7869134

My Studio is based in Napoli (Italy) but I mostly work remotely with productions from all over the world.