Andrea Scala Fotografo di Moda

Photography has always been my life path; my first memories come back to my grandfather, who was a photoreporter, to his cameras and dark room. 

I started shooting during my adolescence; having the opportunity of testing different cameras, I could figure out how they technically work. Later, while studying at the university, I was offered a job in an advertising agency and began shooting fashion & beauty pictures. All of which, together with portraits and still photography in theatres, would become my core business as a photographer, shortly afterwards.

In 2007, I started collaborating with production companies, working with the technical crew as well as the film crew, as camera operator and director of photography. In the latest years I’ve been experiencing the direction too.

My keen interest in photography brought me into sharing my knowledge and experience with other people, which is why, in 1999, I started teaching photography. Since then, I‘ve been cooperating actively with schools, both in public and private sector.